Bible verses about parent and children relationship

13 Bible verses about Children, Attitude To Parents

bible verses about parent and children relationship

8 Bible Verses to Guide Your Parent-Child Relationships Let Scripture provide insight into family dynamics February 19th, Jennica. BIBLE VERSES ABOUT PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP. Parent Child Relationship Bible verses in the King James Version (KJV) about Parent Child. Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, "Let the children.

Children, Attitude to Parents

This is a Biblical precept. God gave explicit directions to parents in the Old Testament.

bible verses about parent and children relationship

He instructed them to teach their children the commandments He gave them. This teaching was to be intense.

bible verses about parent and children relationship

Provide Most parents know that providing for their child's needs is one of their major responsibilities. A child's perspective may be different as she confuses needs with wants. It is the job of the parent to help their children understand that basic needs are important, but anything extra is a blessing from God. Jesus assumed that good parents would provide for their children without question.

bible verses about parent and children relationship

The book of Proverbs has many references to the parental duties of training and correcting their children. Probably the most well-known is found in Proverbs They should, however, not leave misbehavior or the resulting consequences unaddressed.

bible verses about parent and children relationship

Later in Proverbs, a father is told to discipline his son, which results in peace and delight. Parents are obligated to admonish their children but not to the point that their child is embittered and discouraged.

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Like most aspects of parenting, discipline is a balancing act. God's promise is that your testimony will work to draw your parents, brothers and sisters to Jesus for salvation. To disobey your parents is to disobey God, and that brings disorder, confusion and anxiety. As a Christian parent, you must set a Godly example and be responsible for the training and disciplining of your child in the ways of the Lord Deuteronomy 6: In so doing, you are expressing God's love to your children which will bring them to a place of accepting Jesus Christ into their lives.

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There are spiritual principles that can make the difference in how God works in your affairs. One principle is to minister praise to God, giving God pre-eminence in all matters and in relationships.

When one ministers to God, God ministers in return I Samuel 2: Another principle is that of intercession. As you intercede for your children or parentsbe reminded of God's promises to bring about salvation within every member of the family.

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Thank and praise Him for doing so. An intercessor stands as proxy before God in behalf of the persons for whom he is praying.

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He also does spiritual warfare against Satan and his wiles Ephesians 6: As you pray in intercession, you bear the burdens of those prayed for. As you bear those burdens, you will have a better understanding of the person s which will lead to a greater love for them. Where there is love, relationships get closer and more loving.

As love reigns, and as intercession is made, discipline, order in the home, and peace and joy in the family are sure to follow. As You Pray Ask God to give you a great love for your children or parents.