Being human aidan and sally relationship counseling

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being human aidan and sally relationship counseling

[This is a review for Being Human season 4, episode Aidan and Sally trade coded lover's looks despite their relationship's relative youth. Being Human #SamWitwer as Aiden; #SamHuntington as Josh; Aiden + Sally + Josh "Don't Fear the Scott" . Sam Witwer - Aidan - Being Human SyFy!. They support each other in being supernatural creatures. Throughout the Back to the way things were, Sally tells Nora of her relationship with and.

Now, as a ghost, Sally's surprised - and elated - to discover that her new roommates, Aidan and Josh, can both see and hear her. She remains a prisoner in the house, unsure how to actually leave it.

being human aidan and sally relationship counseling

She can't manipulate solid matter, and can't step outside. She's convinced she's in some kind of purgatory, but doesn't know why, or what to do about it. As a result, she's quick to remind her housemates that, at the very least, they're alive, and can enjoy even the little things for instance: Josh might be depressed about going all "wolfy," but at least he can drink beer Most of all, she wishes she could find her way back to Danny, unaware of what occurred between them in those crucial moments before her death.

Later in the season, Aidan introduces her to a ghost named Tonywho teaches her how to transport to different places, including locations outside of the house. Thanks to him, she's able to experience the outside world, after seven long months of being cooped up. Invigorated by her new powers, Sally makes several attempts to communicate with Danny, but when she transports to his house, she encounters both him, and her best friend Bridgettalking and enjoying each others company.

To make matters worse, the encounter she witnesses ends with a kiss. Dejected, Sally is angered by Bridget moving in on Danny, taking her for an opportunist that's taking advantage of her former fiance in his moment of weakness.

She's, similarly, angry with Danny for moving on so quickly, and does her best to sabotage the relationship. She eases from her anger, however, and comes to the conclusion that, for the sake of her own sanity, and those around her, the best course of action would be to communicate with Bridget, if only to say that she approves of the relationship.

When Danny learns of Sally's presence in the house, from her doing various things like placing her wedding ring in his apartment, Danny hires Elana to perform an exorcism. However, half way through the ritual, Sally Elana tries to exorcise Sally briefly possesses Elana to stop her.

Here, Elana learns of everything that Sally knows, including how Danny was a controlling person and how Danny had killed Sally. She then leaves, leaving Sally still alive or as alive as a ghost can be and telling Danny that anything she does to him, he deserves all of it and more. When she finds out that Danny was the one that killed her, she is in shock at first but soon she wants her revenge.

She starts with things like trashing his apartment and trying to tell Bridget the truth, but as Danny does things to get rid of her and hurt her, Sally begins to do dangerous things to Danny, like cutting his throat while he is shaving.

The flames continue to grow when Aidan and Josh bash through the door to Sally's rescue and when Josh finally puts out all the flames, Aidan grabs Danny and continually hits him until he is ready to bite him, but Josh stops him and Sally realises that he deserves to die, but she is not like him and she would never kill someone. After this Danny can briefly see and hear Sally, and this forces him to admit to the police that he started the fire and that he killed Sally.

After the fire is put out, Sally's door suddenly appears after having gotten rid of any unfinished business. While they begin to say goodbye to her, Bishop bursts through the window and stabs Aidan with a wooden stake before fleeing as he was not allowed in the house and was beginning to burn alive.

When Josh took Aidan to the hospital to get help from one of Aidan's past lovers, Sally follows, feeling that she needed to make sure that he was okay before she moved on.

While Aidan appreciated the sentiment, he tells her that he will be fine and that she needs to go through the door. However, upon returning home, she ses that her door has disappeared and that she has missed it. She later discovers that she can move things with more ease, telling the group that she is more Earth-bound and that this shouldn't be considered a good thing.

While Josh is transforming in the basement of the hospital, Sally goes with Aidan to fight Bishop. There, she offers what little assisstance she can and witnesses Aidan killing his maker, making all of the vampires Bishop made orphans and ending his rule in Boston.

Sally and Aidan confront Bishop. Season 2 As Sally continues to be able to move things more easily, Nora has been around more due to her relationship with Josh. Since Josh told Nora of Sally, the two tried to talk about Sally's high school reunion but it was unsuccessful. Along with her high school friend Stevie, who had commited suicide, they go to their high school reunion where they see a memorium about them and another girl, one who was stuck up and snotty and whom Stevie had a crush on.

The girl also appears at the reunion. While Stevie tries to talk to her, she ignores him, unaware that she is dead and thinking that everyone can still see her. However, Sally, being annoyed about how Stevie is pouring his heart out to her and she is ignoring him, snaps at her. There, the girl realizes that she is dead so appearances no longer matter.

She also reveals that she was jealous of Sally and how free she was. The girl then gets her door, causing Sally to feel upset that she can hope other ghosts get their doors but she wont be able to get her own door back.

Being Human (4x11) - Sally/Aidan Kiss & "Oh Yeah!"-Scene

Stevie then tells her that they can dream if they want though it isn't for the need of rest. When Sally goes home and tries to dream, she has a dream of her door coming back. When she opens it, she tries calling for Aidan and Josh. However, the inside suddenly turns dark and something rushes out of her door at her, causing her to wake up and to realize that she is floating in the air.

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The next day, she tries telling Josh about what happened and is surprised to see that Nora can now see her. When she asks if Nora is dead also, she learns that Josh turned Nora into a werewolf by accident and accidentally tells Aidan. While hanging out with some ghost friends she made through Stevie, namely Dylan and Phil though the latter two call him "Boner"they go to a party where she witnesses Dylan and Phil possessing two boys. She then decides to give it a try, despite the warning Stevie gives her.

While she fails the first couple of times, she eventually manages to possess a girl and is estatic that she can now basically live again. During her possession though, a boy from the group attempted to sexually assault Sally. Her friend, Stevie, had to pull both out of their possessed bodies, causing a fight between Stevie and the other boy, during which Sally witnesses Stevie shredding the other ghost in self defence.

This traumatizes her, and puts Stevie into regret and shock. Upon returning home, she talks to Nora about what happened and reveals that possessing people greatly tires her out but that at least she is still there.

In Dream Reaper, Sally is forced into a coma when Aidan hits her with an iron fire poker after she finds out that she is the reaper and she was the one who had been killing all of the ghosts.

In the season 2 finale, Sally attempts to get her mother to shred her to get to Limbo, but she refuses. Sally shreds herself instead and makes it to Limbo, but doesn't know how to get out, and laments to an empty house through the radio that it was a terrible mistake. The catch is that she cannot meet anyone she knew when she was alive or they will die.

Sally decides to spend Josh's first full moon away from Nora at a bar. There she meets Trent, a friend of her brother. They have major chemistry and they decide to take it further, however, Trent doesn't feel up to it and leaves. The next day, he is seen being taken away on a stretcher. Feeling insanely guilty, she goes to the funeral house to try to apologize to Trent's ghost. This is how she meets Max. However things do not go so well, as it is revealed that she had been cheating on him for over a year.

Trent gets mad at Sally and disappeared from the room. Sally and Aidan go to a bar to unwind. Throughout this scene, Aidan keeps staring at a biker du Sally ressurected de who has what seems to be a tattoo of veins on his arm. He follows him out leaving Sally by herself. Sally finds the biker dude and calls When she confronts Aidan about this, he says he doesn't care. As he is sleeping, Sally goes into his room, straddles him and places a stake on his chest, stating that if he wanted to die, she'd do it right then.

She convinces him to be more careful, that even though Henry was his "son" he still had her and Josh to depend on. Sally realizes that she needs a new identity.

She goes to Aidan for help with this, and he tells her the best way is through a dead baby. She returns to the funeral home where Max works, and is caught going through the files by him. Max offers her a job which she accepts.

She is annoyed that ghosts are coming to her for help. She almost disperses Max's mother with an iron skillet, but when she learns who the ghost is, she stops. Her and Max have their first date because Zoe and Nick were coming over and she didn't want to be the third wheel, asking Max to be the fourth. Max's mother stalked their date for a while until Sally told her to leave. She and Max almost have their first kiss, except Max freaks out and leaves. The next day she confronts him about it and they end up having sex on the couch.

Again, Max freaks out and leaves, and his mother's ghost shows up and calls Sally a slut. She later possesses Sally and tells Max that she was just curious, and that she quit. In a later episode, her brother Robbie shows up as the new landlord of the house. Unexpectedly, she bumps into her brother and he recognizes her. Scared that he too would die, she and Josh go to Donna and beg her lift the curse.

Donna agrees, saying that Sally can live a normal life, see everyone and anyone from her past and they wouldn't die. The catch being that when Sally died, her soul would belong to Donna. Now being able to see the people of her past once again, Sally goes to see her friend, Bridget, who still works at a cafe. While Bridget initially believes she has finally made contact with Sally's ghost, Sally reveals that she was brought back to life by Donna. Initially, Bridget believes that she failed Sally, during the events of Season 1, for not catching onto Danny sooner.

While Sally tries to assure her that she didn't, Bridget cuts her off and reveals that she had joined a Wicca group, inviting Sally to come with her that night since Sally was once a ghost. It doesn't seem likely that Suzanna is pondering a change in her strategy, though, not when she has Aidan on the ropes, starved for blood and feeling heart-sick. Aidan once again speaks of wanting a normal life, something that he knew when he was with Suzanna before his change to vampire kind. He knows that with Kat gone and his new "family" about to splinter that feels far away and so he reaches out for the closest thing to normal that he can find in the form of Suzanna, promising to live a life faithful to her bloodless code if she walks a similar but very different line, abstaining from killing vampires.

Naturally, he quickly fails too quickly? That was a nice touch, but Aidan's quick backslide feels too quick in light of his promise and his general good-guy nature, making it seem as though he never intended on keeping his word to Suzanna who will surely come back with ferocity over his broken promise.

being human aidan and sally relationship counseling

While Josh and Aidan have always been undercover monsters yearning to be better, Sally started out as a victim. Over the last three seasons, though, we have seen that Sally also has the capacity to do bad things. In this episode, though, we get more of a precursor to Sally's latest bad deed as she both learns about and remembers Robbie's repeated clashes with Danny her murdery fiance via backwards time-jumps, and discovers Robbie's dead body he was done in by the mysterious Lil Smokey ghost and his new ghost-self.

As is almost always the case lately, Sally will inevitably beg, borrow, and deal her way to help Robbie, going so far as to conjure Donna if the trailer for next week's episode is to be believed.

Because Sally has transformed her feelings about being robbed of her long life into the idea that the world owes her and everyone she loves a continued existence and, from time to time, a reboot button. Sure, Aidan had a relapse and Josh transformed into a wolf when confronted by Mark over the Wendy situation, but both seem to regret their actions.