Batman and lois lane relationship

DC Comics Teases Batman And Lois Lane Romance?

batman and lois lane relationship

Relationship Roundup is a new monthly column written by Meg Downey that focuses on the many iconic relationships within the DC Universe. After all, it's pretty hard to talk about landmark moments for Superman without also talking about Lois Lane. Even when they're together, the. After his relationship with Lois fizzled, he went on to briefly date Cat Grant It's often been hinted that Bruce Wayne is attracted to Lois, and it. In DC Rebirth, Superman and Lois Lane are once again married again and raising a son. Meanwhile, Batman and Catwoman are getting ready.

Perhaps the best known dalliance between Lois and Bruce was in the World's Finest episodes of the Superman animated series in They break it off, and Lois, as usual, ends up with Clark, although not officially until a couple years later at the wrap of the series. Jonathan Carroll We all knew we were never going to be down with whatever new boyfriend Lois Lane was going to have in the New DC broke up the beloved marriage of Lois and Clark by giving us a new world in which the two had never been involved.

Lois, on the other hand, dated one of the most obnoxious and willfully forgettable characters in the DC pantheon, Jonathan Carroll. Almost as if to prove a point that they knew fans were going to dislike him, DC really went all out in making Jonathan kind of the worst. Not only does he show up naked in Lois' apartment without any nipples I'm guessing they were lost in inking?

batman and lois lane relationship

Or maybe he just forgot to have nipples? In his last appearance, Lois ever so slightly erased his memories for no apparent reason.

DC Comics Teases Batman And Lois Lane Romance?

Jonathan Carroll has yet to pop up again, and everyone seems pretty cool with that—including Jonathan. Lois jumps right aboard and gets rocketed into outer space. He not only proposes, but also assures her that there's no chance Superman will ever propose to her.

Because Lois apparently just really wants someone to propose to her, she agrees to go with him to his home planet of Roxnon.

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So, pretty run-of-the-mill stuff for a first date. Turns out he created Astounding Man, who is actually a robot made of chemicals, and controls his every move from his Howard Hughes-esque laboratory. Satan Honestly, Lois Lane kind of hangs out with Satan too much. This means that his relationship with Lois has been really explored and delved into from every angle.

Superman in domestic bliss with Lois Lane is his natural state. Lois and Superman, however, have never really turned their back on one another. However, both versions of those characters were quickly exorcised from DC canon.

In current continuity the whole incident, thankfully, never occurred.

batman and lois lane relationship

Throughout his various adaptations, Batman has received several love interests. With Superman however, his endgame love interest is always Lois Lane.

Lois Lane discovers Batman's identity

Batman often can't do what Catwoman wants or needs. Superman, on the other hand, will do whatever Lois wants him to do. It's level of devotion that only mere mortals can imagine.

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However, most things about Superman are unbelievable. So his love life should be just as ideal. Catwoman is the classic femme fatale and Batman is the hero caught in her grasp. Clark can be viewed as either a farm boy or as an alien from a planet that no longer exists. Neither seems like the natural match for Pulitzer winning journalist who was raised as an army brat.

batman and lois lane relationship

Yet that is the story of Lois and Clark. Yet it was only until Catwoman changed from a hero to a villain that their relationship really began to heat up and become serious. Lois Lane has always been a regular human woman, but Superman has always entranced with her all.

This means something too, as Superman could be with anyone, but he chooses to be with Lois Lane. Lois is the brains behind the brawn.

batman and lois lane relationship

However, in the current history of the character, Lois Lane started dating Clark Kent and fell in love with him before Superman. She only learned Superman was Clark Kent when Supes decided to tell her. Clark Kent, the real Clark, is the love of Lois' life, not Superman. This is a big contrast to Catwoman.