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Download detailed Feng Shui Bagua Map and learn how easy it is to use it. of the top right Gua, therefore it belongs to the Marriage Gua (Marriage Life Area). 5 Areas where a Mirror should be Placed correctly according to Feng Shui . of the 8 feng shui bagua areas - from Career to Love and Marriage feng shui area. Are you interested to know in a most real-life way, how to use Feng Shui to bring exciting and positive changes into your life? Today I'd like to share with you an.

Don't write on your original, take a copy. As an alternative, you can draw your floor plan freehand. If you're drawing your floor plan get a piece of A3 or A4 paper I use A4 for each floor, pencil rather than pen, eraser and ruler. Observe where there are any irregular areas. Perhaps an indented area or a little bit that sticks out from the main straight shape.

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Measure the external perimeter and sketch out the shape. Then sketch the perimeter of other floors. Once you've completed the perimeter shape and scale continue indoors. Observe and note on your plan where walls are, define each room and the function of the room i. Also sketch where windows, built in wardrobes, stoves, toilets, sinks and baths are. Do an overall sense check once everything is drawn and determine how other floors align with the main ground floor entrance.

Now start mapping your Bagua to the ground floor. This may involve turning your plan upside-down, right or left as I've done below. Even if you don't use your front door very often or at all, the architectural front door of the property is the primary mouth of Chi because this is the prime way that Chi enters your home: If the floors of your home aren't the same size then draw the Bagua perimeter to include all points of the home on all floors.

Relationship Area

If the garage, patios etc don't have a roof that is directly joined and part of the structure of the home then exclude them for the purpose of determining the home Bagua.

So, the perimeter of the Bagua would be drawn like this: While working with this couple during a Feng Shui consultation, they indicated that they desired to have a baby. During our discussion, I was led to ask if they prayed together regularly.

Surprisingly, they admitted that they did not pray together at all. In addition, I suggested that they clear the clutter from their personal bedroom, paying particular attention to removing items from underneath the bed. The most important change was the couple's agreement to pray together and spend time improving their personal relationship.

While I don't know if they had their baby, the last I heard, they were doing very well together. Watch for missing areas in your property, home or office Bagua.


Sometimes simple changes can make a big difference in the fulfillment and happiness you experience in your Life. Locate and enhance the Wealth area of your home using the suggestions made when we looked at applying the Bagua Map to the main floor of your home Following the same procedure, place the Feng Shui Bagua Map over any upper or lower floors, enhancing the Wealth areas of each floor Now apply The Feng Shui Bagua Map to each room in your home, using the main door of each room to anchor The Bagua Map.

Pay special attention to your bedroom. Revive it with new landscaping, a Feng Shui garden or beautiful yard art Remember that the more attention and emphasis you place on areas of your Life that you feel need enhancement or improvement, the faster and more complete your desires will manifest With a little practice, Feng Shui Bagua Application can be employed as a powerful tool to assist you in your Feng Shui practice.

You can place this ancient Feng Shui tool over your home or yard layout. You can also use Ba-gua to perform cures and energize every room of the house. First you need to draw a very simple layout of your home. We recommend using pencil so you can erase and make adjustment as necessary.

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Of course, square or rectangle shapes are the easiest to analyze. But will cover additional options for irregular shapes as well. So please don't worry, we will start with basics and learn as we go. Align the bottom of your diagram with your front door or the Mouth of Chi.