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australia and asia relationship

Author: John Blaxland, ANU. The latest ASEAN Summit at Singapore follows a significant inflection point in Australia's relationship with ASEAN. Australia has a long tradition of talking up special relationships or unique proximity to Asia. This often occurs when we turn our minds to the. Despite past differences and periodic setbacks, the relationship between Australia and Southeast Asia has become increasingly solid and multi-faceted.

Australia has a long tradition of talking up special relationships or unique proximity to Asia. This often occurs when we turn our minds to the idea that achieving greater economic sustainability might require more than being very efficient suppliers of primary resources and energy to other economies in their economic development cycles.

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It is not wrong to focus on the prospect of increasing Asian prosperity and how to share in it, but the focus has to be on the right aspects of it and it has to be a consistent focus. Despite that, even the most engaged Australians can be tempted to invoke the myth that we enjoy special proximity to Asia, broadly defined.

We are not a doorstep to Asia Advertisement Andrew Robb is remembered with some affection as a dogged trade minister in Australia. Though it can be tempting to assert Australia has a special proximity to Asia, this really only applies to south-east Asia.

australia and asia relationship

Nor, as an important aside, can we ignore the fact that we often pay less attention to our nearest and largest Asian neighbour, Indonesia, than we do to other Asian nations that competing western nations have comparable access to. While it is no longer a truism that Asia is somewhere Australians fly over on the way to Europe, it remains the case we pay insufficient attention to Indonesia.

It is also despite the notable exceptions, including former prime minister Paul Keating's efforts to engage with former Indonesian president Suharto.

australia and asia relationship

Similarly, security collaboration in the wake of the Bali bombings and links born of the rapport former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had with Australian officials who had been his contemporaries early in his career.

Inattentive to Indonesia Former foreign minister Gareth Evans — who sometimes attracted criticism from his own colleagues for being too close to the Indonesian establishment — has bemoaned this, writing: It seems in the end, money talks, or at least the more apparent riches to be had in shipping resources, and now increasing amounts of energy, to north Asia. We are still a little short-sighted. Governments have also invested heavily in improving access to sanitation, housing and clean water.

A virtuous circle has been created in which social development has accompanied and supported higher rates of economic growth, and these in turn have contributed to further improvements in broader indicators of wellbeing Box 1: This priority has been developed around three key concepts: Asia and its diversity This concept highlights the diversity within and between the countries of the Asia region, from their cultures, societies and traditions through to their diverse environments and the effects of these on the lives of people.

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Asia-Australia engagement This concept is about the nature of past and ongoing links between Australia and Asia, and develops the knowledge, understanding and skills, which make it possible to engage actively and effectively with peoples of the Asia region ACARA, What does this look like? For English The study of English provides learning opportunities for students to explore and appreciate the rich tradition of texts from and about the people and countries of Asia, including texts written by Asian authors.

They develop an understanding of the many languages and diverse Asian cultures and how they have influenced Australian culture.

australia and asia relationship

Through their study, students will develop an appreciation of the role Australia has played in Asia and the ongoing relationship Australia has developed with the countries that make up the Asian region English K—10 syllabus. For Mathematics In their study of the NSW K—10 Mathematics curriculum, students investigate the concept of chance using Asian games and can explore the way Asian societies apply other mathematical concepts, such as patterns and symmetry in art and architecture.

Investigations involving data collection and representation can be used to examine issues pertinent to the Asia region Mathematics K—10 syllabus The Science K—10 incorporating Science and Technology K—6 syllabusprovides students with opportunities to recognise that the Asian region includes diverse environments.

Students appreciate how interactions within and between these environments, and the impacts of human activity influence the region, including Australia, and have significance for the rest of the world. The Asian region plays an important role in scientific and technological research and development in areas such as medicine, natural resource management and natural disaster prediction and management Science K—10 syllabus For History History students develop an understanding of the diversity of the peoples of Asia and their contributions to the region and the world, and an appreciation of the importance of the region for Australia and the world.

The change speaks to a shift in how Australia is perceived in the region. This concept fundamentally draws attention to the intimate and growing ties between Australia and ASEAN as well as their shared future.

australia and asia relationship

Such a vision would have been unthinkable a generation earlier. But a growing body of Australians with links to Southeast Asia and Asia more broadly now about 12 per cent of the Australian population are well placed to have a greater say and influence in how Australia becomes more closely integrated with its own neighbourhood. But perhaps this term applies more broadly to the space shared by Southeast Asia and Australasia.

Some have complained that Southeast Asian dictators should have been reprimanded rather than feted in Sydney. Critics rightly decried the inadequate human rights records and other political shortcomings of many of the ASEAN member states.

australia and asia relationship

But the summit was not the time to dwell on the differences and disagreements with public pronouncements. Rather it was a time to consider what is shared, what is held in common and what can be done collaboratively in the future.

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In Southeast Asia form precedes function.