Asuka and jun kazama relationship counseling

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asuka and jun kazama relationship counseling

When Jun returns in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Asuka retains her moveset, while . to both Jun Kazama and her son, Jin Kazama, although these relationships are .. However, she constantly bothers him with her Feng shui advice when he. Jun Kazama HD by on @DeviantArt. Asuka Kazama from Tekken Mobile Dnd Characters, Video Game Characters, .. Learning The Best Video Game Advice With These Simple Tips yoshimitsu from tekken | Yoshimitsu Tekken Tag Tournament picture | Fighting Connection Beat Em Up. Asuka Kazama - Characters & Art - Tekken Mobile. Tekken . Awesome couple ( facing each other). . Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kai Play Arts - Jun Kazama - The Movie Store Learning The Best Video Game Advice With These Simple Tips.

It was so simple: But could Kazuya get that right. She made her way to their bathroom. The door was wide open, but Kazuya had been known to have no modesty when it came to doing his business.

Asuka Kazama - Tekken 5 Prologue & Epilogue - HD

But to Jun's surprise, Kazuya wasn't there. She wrestled furiously underneath the large body, her screams muffled. He sat there and laughed for a few seconds before realizing he was suffocating his poor wife. He quickly got off of her, and the first thing he received was a slap to the face. I wonder why I stay married to you, you son of a-" But before Jun could finish her curse, Kazuya shushed her with a deep passionate kiss. Jun's eyes widened at first, but she soon closed her eyes and put her arms around her husband, allowing her body to react naturally to the romantic gesture.

Kazuya was indeed a douchebag, but his kiss had a way of screwing with Jun's head. Even when she was so mad she couldn't see straight, one kiss from his lips quelled her burning rage. Kazuya scooped Jun up bridal style and gently laid her out on the bed, a surprising but nice contrast to his roughhousing from a few moments ago.

The Two Kazama Ladies Of Tekken: Jun Kazama And Asuka Kazama!

He crawled on top of Jun and resumed his lip work, making sure not to put his full weight against his petite wife. The two of them wanted nothing more than to lay there in each other's embrace and continue their dance of tongues, but unfortunately there were still two hungry teens downstairs.

Ah, they're probably ruined! Get em out of the house and hurry your butt back upstairs. She stared seductively at Kazuya the whole time as she made her way out of the room.

Before stepping out, she licked her lips and growled sexily at Kazuya, sending a tingle of arousal through his entire body.

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Kazuya put his arms behind his head and grinned as Jun ran downstairs. As he awaited his lover in the bedroom, he looked down at his boxers; they were once again bulging. Your review has been posted. She seeks to redeem Kazuya from the Devil within. So how did she and Kazuya get together? It's never explained but one theory I had for years was that she was raped.

asuka and jun kazama relationship counseling

Some say that it's impossible and that Kazuya's innate goodness was still around, perhaps he was attracted to Jun and the two got intimate. Jun soon got pregnant with Jin Kazama. What was revealed was that for some reason, the Kazama blood could suppress the power of Devil which may have been the reason why Kazuya was defeated in Tekken 2.

While playing Tekken 3, I always wondered where she was until years later, I read more about the story. She singlehandedly raised her son Jin and later, told him to seek refuge with Heihachi Mishima.

asuka and jun kazama relationship counseling

I wonder what she ate to suggest that, perhaps she was not totally aware of Heihachi's darker secrets. During that time, she supposedly tried to fight Ogre but went missing ever since. Is she dead or missing? Only if Namco will verify her fate.

asuka and jun kazama relationship counseling

It was pretty disappointing to see her leave but I sort of liked the idea that she and Kazuya had a kid in Jin While I was disappointed to see her gone so soon, I was happy to at least play as her with Kazuya as a Tag Team partner in the Tekken Tag Tournament games.

Non-canonically, she is Unknown as revealed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Kazama might be Jun's brother and in Tekken 6, Jin acknowledges the possibility that they are indeed blood cousins. She is introduced to be different than Jun so I didn't immediately think highly of her. It's just like how as of right now, I have a hard time accepting Cassie Cage over her mother Sonya Blade.