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astaire and rogers relationship counseling

POETRY IN MOTION Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in which they portray the romantic couple it is impossible to discern the truth: they didn't. Dr. Gladding is former president of the American Counseling . Carl Rogers was the first to recognize that the relationship between . Ginger Rogers was part of the famous dance team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The other couples in their ballroom dancing class watched, then tried the Mr. Goldman, a clinical social worker, specializes in marriage counseling. touch of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers could energize Sigmund Freud.

Nearly a decade passed before Astaire and Rogers reappeared on the screen together again. In that interim the Hollywood musical had greatly changed and so had Astaire and Rogers.

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But inAstaire was successfully encouraged to partake of a multi-picture contract at MGM. Had it not been for Gene Kelly breaking his ankle just prior to the start of Easter ParadeAstaire might have quit the screen for good after Blue Skies. Instead, he came on board at the last minute, and proved yet again he could dance with the likes of a temperamental Judy Garland.

The reunion of Astaire and Rogers occurred almost by accident after Astaire adamantly refused to work with Judy Garland again. In fairness to Garland, she was greatly suffering from an addiction to studio-sanctioned pills; her emotional fragility compounding anxieties and stressors that had resulted in repeated delays throughout the shooting of Easter Parade.

But even before this, Rogers had signaled her openness to do another picture with Astaire. Hence, Barkleys became a reality for them both. The picture also rectifies a sin committed on Shall We Dance. The musical highlight of The Barkleys of Broadway is thus, the delayed reprise of this moment; Astaire, once again serenading Rogers with the sublime George and Ira Gershwin ballad before taking her for one final spin around the ballroom floor.

The chief hurdle of Barkleys is its otherwise gimmicky numbers; that, and the fact its feeble plot does everything to keep Astaire and Rogers apart, or, at the very least, feuding as old marrieds on the cusp of either a divorce or reconciliation.

On the surface, the two have everything that is good and enviable; each other and a string of hit shows having made them the toast of Broadway.

But behind the scenes they cannot seem to agree on anything. She wants to break free of musical comedy, and he, perceiving himself as her rather arrogant Svengali, thinks she will miserably fail without his constant guidance. Although The Barkleys of Broadway made money for MGM, it was not a mega hit for the studio, quashing any future plans for another re-teaming of Astaire and Rogers. Despite the timeless appeal of their work together, the present era, alas, is hardly suited to elegance.

And yet, the power of their screen presence continues to hold us spellbound in the dark. And as the years continue to pass, the likelihood their ilk will ever entirely diminish in prestige seems very dim indeed. And Astaire and Rogers possessed these qualities in spades. It is positively obscene to be extolling the virtues of Astaire and Rogers inin review of a DVD box set released by Warner Home Video back in with virtually none of their movies available on Blu-ray since.

The Ultimate Collection advertises all 10 films have been digitally restored and remastered. Alas, the results are something of a mixed bag. For the most part, nothing represented here will truly disappoint.

And yet, there are misfires to be discussed. Solid deep blacks and very clean whites greet the viewer and the overall image is, if not perfect, then without incident, save some light speckling and a few age-related artifacts. To a lesser extent Flying Down to Rio, Roberta and Carefree also deserve honorable mention for overall picture quality that is just a shade below the standard already discussed.

Regrettably, Shall We Dance is a grainy, often softy focused, poorly contrasted and digitally harsh mess. Black levels wallow in a nondescript tonal gray and age-related artifacts are everywhere. Lastly, The Barkleys of Broadway — the only color film in the set — sports an unresolved transfer that belies its Technicolor origins and is far below expectations.

astaire and rogers relationship counseling

Colors are quite muddy. The image is also rather softly focused. Flesh tones veer between garish orange and piggy pink. There is also an inexplicable milky haze afflicting this transfer that distills contrast levels to a mid-range of dullness. Overall, fine details are not realized. Four of the films in this set include audio commentaries and a featurette.

For the rest, Warner has padded this set with short subjects and theatrical trailers. All are packaged in slim-line cases. He is in his usual tailcoat, she looks stunning with her skirt swirling around her. Above them, the word "Partners".

Both Fred and Ginger would have hated that. Not just because they would never have given their approval to a travel firm using their picture in this way, but simply because neither of them liked to be thought of as "partners".

In fact, the time has come to say that they didn't want to be a regular act at all. More than that, they didn't actually like each other very much, and needed a great deal of persuasion to work together time after time. Fred once told me in an aside while I was working on what would be his authorised biography - but in a statement distinctly not for publication at the time - "Oh Ginger! She always wanted to be boss. I didn't use the statement in the book.

Fred was still alive at the time and it would have been churlish to go against his wishes, but it was difficult not to read between the lines and from the expression of exasperation on his face - almost 30 years after they had last worked together.

It was a fact underlined by Miss Rogers herself a few years later. We were having lunch - scrambled eggs for her - at London's Dorchester Hotel. At first, she wanted to talk only about herself, and preferably not at all about Astaire.

It was difficult territory to navigate. Related Articles 26 April It was as if I had asked her if she had ever thought of taking dancing lessons. I think she must have realised the impact that stare was having and decided that some explanation was required. The lady had to come first, and she felt it perfectly reasonable that "Mr Astaire", as Ginger referred to him throughout our chat, gave way to her demands. Needless to say, that was not how Fred saw it. The listener often is responding to either what they believed you to say or their own interpretation.

Communication requires both good transmission skills articulation and good receptive skills listening. Without both, communication will be at best difficult. The next time you want to discuss something important with your spouse, follow the following steps: Arrange for a convenient meeting time rather than trying to have a discussion on the fly when it is likely to be interrupted.

So long as one person is hold the stick, that person also holds the floor. This technique prevents interruptions. Express your point, and then, passing the stick, ask your spouse to repeat what you said so that you can be certain that you were at least heard. If your partner is not able to repeat what you said or you do not feel understood, repeat your point until you are satisfied.

Once your partner feels heard, then it becomes your turn to comment and be heard. It is difficult to react emotionally if you are truly listening and have to communicate understanding before you get a chance to react.

There are two types of meetings that can facilitate communication: Couples often find that scheduling regular business meetings, just as one would do in a business partnership, to discuss the business of the marriage is helpful and indicates that the marriage is a high priority in their life.

Date night is one evening each week set aside for the purpose of emotional connecting. No business matters are discussed. Each partner takes responsibility on alternative weeks for planning the date, just as they might have done during courtship.

Not such a fine romance

Dates do not have to be elaborate events. Keep the Romance Alive. Maintaining the romance in a relationship is vital to the vibrancy of the relationship. Once folks marry they often become quite lax in this department.

They allow business, chores, and children to get the way of their romantic life. In a busy life, especially if there are children, it takes considerable effort to maintain romance. But it is worth it. It takes planning, creativity and commitment. No one would believe that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did not practice in order to be graceful as they appeared on screen.

The same holds true for sexual activity in the bedroom.

astaire and rogers relationship counseling

Good lovers are made, not born. Fearing failure, they do only what is tried and true. One of the most common problems that couples have is the lack of innovation. Such predictability can lead to staleness and apathy. Communication about sexuality, and the willingness to experiment will keep the bedroom activities exciting, interesting and fun.

It costs nothing to compliment your partner and it sure feels good to receive them. We do not have to wait until some occasion when we purchase a greeting card to let our mates know that we think they are special.

Another small thing that feels good. Couples are very quick to criticize one another when chores do not get done, but they are very remiss when it comes to showing appreciation.

astaire and rogers relationship counseling

As you can see from the foregoing, maintaining a contemporary marriage is no easy task. It requires hard work.

Some individuals believe that marriage should be easy, and if it is not, they think something is wrong.