Antoinette taus and dingdong dantes relationship trust

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antoinette taus and dingdong dantes relationship trust

He is Dingdong Dantes—the hunky actor who was the No. . It was on this show that Dong met Antoinette Taus, a T.G.I.S. co-star. years of being an item, Dong and Toni ended their long-distance relationship. Trust lang. Karylle on ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes: “He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him.” "He said he never cheated on me and I trusted him. her recent breakup with Dingdong Dantes after three years of relationship. Antoinette Taus wishes 'the best' for ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes years ago pa lang, nakausap ko na si Dong about sa relationship nila.

Hanggang ngayon, hindi ko alam kung bakit, pero 'yon talaga ang gusto niya, e.

  • Karylle: It’s over between Dingdong and me

Ayaw na ayaw ng Mommy ko, siyempre. He's Jose Sixto, so Joselito! When he was younger, the panganay originally wanted to follow in the footsteps of his dad Jig, a commander in the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, and his grandfather Jose Sixto Sr.

Maglalaro lang siya, naka-rubber-shoes, socks, 'tapos naka-backpack! Akala mo, pupunta na kung saan! Maporma na maski noong bata pa lang.

Antoinette Taus on Dingdong Dantes : 'Walang problema'

She had no problems with them, she adds: Hindi ako nahirapan, kasi very independent sila. Disciplinarian kasi ang daddy nila. Military ang lolo nila, e—so ang daddy nila, lumaki sa military. Kunyari may homework, may tatanungin sila.

Kung mayroon akong hindi alam, 'Ask your dad. Alam mo sagot ng daddy: Hindi na sila nagtatanong sa daddy nila. Noong ipapanganak si Vicky, naiwan ang daddy niya sa hospital. Andoon lang siya sa hospital. Minsan, kahit checkup ko lang, siya kasama ko. But Dong believes there were already signs that he was inclined to something related to the actor's craft.

Mahilig ako sa mga G.

antoinette taus and dingdong dantes relationship trust

So, pinag-aaway-away ko sila, 'tapos ginagawan ko ng script! Bata pa lang ako, I already created scenarios. So I thought talagang may inclination ako sa mga bagay na ganoon.

Conversations With Dingdong

Pero never ko inisip na mag-aartista ako. Like other young boys, Dong also had his share of kalokohan. He and his mom Angeline recall an incident when Dong, then seven years old, almost died because of one of his stunts. At nagbigti pa siya! Ayun, muntik na siyang matuluyan! Following the Philippine folk tradition of penitensiya during the Lenten season, Dong was presumably trying to reenact Jesus' being nailed on the cross and Judas hanging himself after betraying Christ.

Around this time, it looked like Dong had an inclination toward the priesthood. Obviously, Dong doesn't feed them to his siblings anymore. But is entering a seminary still an option for him?

Dong jests, "Malalaman natin bukas. He was three years old at the time. A talent scout noticed the naughty boy who had inherited his parents' mestizo features, and offered him the starring role in a television commercial for Carnation milk.

The boy was not interested. It was his aunt Lui, sister of Angeline, who persuaded her favorite nephew to accept the job offer.

Dingdong Dantes

But she knew where to find his kiliti. The little boy loved fashionable wear. He was "napakaluho," she says, and all of his clothes carried brand names. As a reward, his Tita Lui made good on her promise and brought him to the imported-goods store, which, back then, carried high-end clothing brands.

Kulang pa 'yong two thousand niya! He was a quick learner, easily following the instructions of his directors. May talent na talaga siya.

At the Ateneo de Manila, where he would study from prep to college he has a bachelor of arts degree in interdisciplinary studiesDong started to participate in extra-curricular activities, particularly theater. In high school, he joined the cast of the school's production of Aladdin, and even directed a play for his Filipino class. Inwhen Dong was 17, his cousin, Arthur Gonzales-Solinap, came to Manila from Iloilo and joined the Abztract dancers, an all-male dance group. Sabi ko, subukan ko nga.

So they invited me. Despite his steady modeling and dancing work, Dong was still not interested in seriously pursuing a career in show business. So, parang, I figured hindi mo puwedeng ipagsabay 'yan.

Lui, who admits to spoiling her nephew, recalls telling Dong: Thank God It's Sabadowhere he played a supporting role. It was on this show that Dong met Antoinette Taus, a T. Offscreen, the two became romantically involved. InAntoinette—Toni to friends—surprised everyone when she decided to migrate to the U. Not long after that, kibitzers started speculating that the young actress was secretly pregnant with Dong's child. The speculation was further fueled by rumors that photos of the couple holding a baby had allegedly surfaced.

Dong ignored the issue at first, but his silence only resulted in even more talk. So, hindi ko siya itatago. So, marami akong inaanak, marami akong pamangkin. And I like to bring them around sa simbahan, sa mall. So, sometimes people see me with children. Maybe it makes them wonder who that child is. And I can't explain to everyone, 'Hey, this is my inaanak I still do the same responsibilities.

Tumutulong sa work sa bahay. As soon as I wake up, I make my bed; I don't let anybody else to do it. Helpers at home come and go, so I'm used to doing household chores. After a while, I wanted naman to be an astronaut. Because according to my Dad, wala pang Filipino astronaut; I wanted to be the first.

Antoinette Taus denies Dingdong Dantes love child issue

Breaking into a "braced" smile "Well, I once also dreamed of becoming a politician, until I found out how dirty politics is. And then, I dreamed naman to be a basketball player, pero wala yatang hilig sa akin ang basketball, e. Now, I want to become a businessman.

I never really dreamed of becoming an actor. When I was 16, I joined Abstract, for one year. That started my exposure in showbiz. There were offers na noon pa but I couldn't accept them because they were asking me to quit school. My parents didn't like the idea. I wasn't with Abstract anymore at that time.

I was walking in the mall and I bumped into talent manager Arsi Baltazar who was with my friend. Arsi asked me if I wanted to try acting and I said, "Why not? I'm not sure yet what role I would best fit in. I trust Viva Films with which he's under contract to find the right role for me. But then, there are people who are socially and economically well-off na naka-experience na rin ng painful things. I'm not sure if I'm lucky not to have experienced those painful things yet.

When I do drama and I am asked to recall any sad or painful experience, nahihirapan talaga ako dahil wala akong mapagkunan. As I've said, I refuse, maybe subconsciously, to recall sad and painful memories. Ayaw ko lang talaga. I've been asking those in the know if you have to know how to cry to be a good actor and they tell me, "Not exactly, as long as the emotion is there.

Today, you're playing this character; tomorrow, you're playing something else. Day after tomorrow, something different again. Mga taga-Ateneo are like that. They'd say, "Artista, o. I also came from Ateneo but I never looked at movie stars that way even I wasn't in showbiz yet. You won't get anything by minding them. I attend class twice a day, pero whole day.

It's a little hard, but I don't want to neglect my studies because I promised my parents that I'd finish college. It's a deal between us. Don't you plan to pursue a career as a host TV and "live" shows? I also have a segment in S-Files, called The Insiders, dealing with issues about youth, what's in and what's out, mga ganoon. But that's for later.

antoinette taus and dingdong dantes relationship trust