Anthy and utena relationship

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anthy and utena relationship

I don't think Anthy and Utena has a physical relationship during the series b/c Utena tries saving herself for her prince and Anthy puts up an. Human relations are complicated – especially when you add swords, roses, and incest. I think Shoujo Kakumei Utena is one of the best anime. Anthy, to everyone's surprise, jumping to Utena's protection during a later in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable.

I think Shoujo Kakumei Utena is one of the best anime out there.

anthy and utena relationship

While this is certainly a subjective judgment, I would nevertheless argue that I am more or less correct from an objective standpoint — this is a show that manages to both provoke a lot of questions about human nature and humanity itself, all the while remaining entertaining and interesting.

This is honestly one of those anime that has and will continue to withstand the test of time sadly, many folks avoid it because it initially seems so shoujo-y; while it retains some of the shoujo tropes as it progresses, it largely turns them on their head, jumping into a much darker and deeper world. Central to all of this is, of course, our heroine Utena Tenjou, and her would-be princess Anthy Himemiya. Little does Utena know, she is simply another game-piece in a larger power scheme… and Anthy herself is even more entrenched in the entire system than Utena could possibly understand.

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So begins their relationship, though — Utena as the prince, Anthy as the princess, albeit in a completely platonic sense. Utena is completely committed to playing the prince, which really has nothing to do with Anthy as a person; even here she remains symbolic, her personality and who she actually is mattering not.

Utena regards Anthy as slightly odd and as needing saving, but her relationship with Anthy is purely surface. However, as time progresses, their relationship begins to shift slightly — its a very slow process initially, as Anthy likewise does not quite regard Utena as a fully formed human being — to Anthy, Utena is simply another necessary figure, a person who claims to have her best interests at heart but only wishes to use Anthy to fulfill her own desires.

And, to an extent, Anthy is correct about this. But Anthy wishes to use Utena, too, but for much more complicated and darker purposes, although this is something which takes a very long time to become clear.

And Anthy realizes this as Utena duels Touga.

anthy and utena relationship

However, it remains an extremely rocky one, as Anthy herself is so bound up within the system which seemingly uses her as merely a pawn. At one point, she attempts suicide, which Utena saves her from.

anthy and utena relationship

She breaks down somewhat, but is a combination of unable and unwilling to fully inform Utena of the entire scheme at hand. Anthy literally stab Utena in the back, though, with the sword of Dios. She's taller than average.

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She wears a dark blue blazer and red shorts. Her uniform is modified when dueling by the addition of white epaulettes to her shoulders and a gold aiguillette through Anthy Himemiya 's magic. In the movie, Utena's long wavy hair is normally tied up as it appears to be very short and comes undone when wearing her duelist outfit. Her regular uniform is a black and white blazer and matching trousers, which are unlike the normal boys' uniform, and she wears a navy cap.

Anthy Himemiya

Utena's trousers are replaced with shorts in her duelling outfit, and the addition of gold epaulettes to her shoulders, a red aiguillette and red coloring to her blazer. Personality Edit Utena is a popular, passionate and intelligent girl who is looked up to by a number of her fellow pupils, at first appearing to be the total opposite of her friend and fellow protagonist Anthy.

Despite this, Utena is introverted and has her own faults, as all at Ohtori do; she has a short temper, can be extremely impulsive, and is quick to assume others' intentions and feelings, which causes no shortage of problems among individuals as complex as Ohtori's students. In the movie, Utena cuts a more no-nonsense and serious figure, almost to the point of pragmatism and rudeness, as part of the role reversal she and Anthy are subject to.

anthy and utena relationship

Story Edit Utena's parents died when she was 8 years old. In the manga, she had wandered through the town until coming upon a river and falling into it. In the anime, at her parents funeral, she lay in a coffin, awaiting her own death, believing there is no reason to live anymore since all humans will eventually perish.

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Dios tells her to never lose her nobility even as she grows up, starting the events of the series. In both the anime and manga, Utena unintentionally becomes a Duelist and wins Anthy as the Rose Bride. Though critical of the Duels for objectifying Anthy, her desires to protect Anthy as well as a drive to act like a Prince lead her to become the Duels' most prominent Champion.

As the series passes, her nobility is continuously tested, until she is finally forced to confront her own hypocrisy.

anthy and utena relationship

In the anime's finale, Akio Ohtori tries to convince Utena to become his princess, and despite being reminded of her own failings, Utena goes against him in the duel called Revolution.

Her revived dedication to become a prince shocks Akio, and causes the destruction of the illusion castle above the arena, where Utena gets the upper hand- only to get stabbed in the back by Anthy. Her sword taken from her, Utena is forced to watch Anthy being impaled by the swords of hatred while Akio tries to open the Rose Gate with her sword.