Andy and swarek relationship tips

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andy and swarek relationship tips

Andy finds ways to make Sam happy and show how much she loves him. where their relationship stands in this story if you read that one first. Sam Swarek has wanted Andy McNally since her second day on the job, . Andy slid his cock out of her mouth slowly, caressing the tip with her but Andy had made it perfectly clear she wanted their relationship kept secret. Sam and Andy end up on a short undercover op together. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - A. McNally, S. Swarek - Words: 5, - Reviews: 32 around the corner at the businesses side entrance - you know, to get parenting tips and all that. She'd been happily dating Nick for two months.

He asked me first before he took this job and I gave him the o.

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She had assumed she'd be at the hospital for nights crying holding his hand "You seem disappointed" Sam teased "I'm fine" "They said-" Andy started "I was stabbed" Sam told her "Missed all vital organs and arteries" he explained but just watched her reaction "You ok McNally? They stabbed me once took off when they heard the sirens because I did have cops out there for takedown anyway.

If I didn't have backup outside I would have been killed" "Any idea who called in the tip? He couldn't just plead with her sometimes he had to be down right blunt and harsh but it was always only for her own good. Someone tried to get you killed" Andy corrected "McNally as your T. O I'm ordering you to stay out of this" Sam shot at her harshly "You're not my T. She leaned against the building outside using her hands to hold onto her knees as she took in a few breaths "Andy" Diaz said walking over with Gail Peck "Is Swarek-" "He's fine" Andy said quickly "Just a flesh wound" "Thank god" Gail muttered quietly "So what are you doing out here?

Gail wasn't the friendliest when it came to people in general but she had formed a bond with both Traci and Andy over the last three years "I need to get Sam's statement first" Chris told them "That's fine I just have to pick some things up for Sam" Andy lied "Gail you can take me to my truck?

They both got in the car and Gail looked over to her "So where are you really going? He wasn't sure if Boyd was the reason his cover was blown but he couldn't rule him out. He just didn't want Andy to be any more involved. So what do you think? Do you think he blew this for you again?

I mean working together is one thing then going home and she's there- it's just a lot of McNally" "Yea" Sam agreed "I like a lot of McNally though" he smirked at his friend "Clearly" Shaw responded "I'm happy for you I think she's the right one for you" "I said we were moving in not getting married" Sam corrected "Yea it's only a matter of time" Shaw said to his friend Gail pulled up outside Andy's condo complex "I'll wait here, don't take forever" Peck told her and Andy just nodded and got out of the car As she made her way down the hallway she unlocked her door and turned on her light.

She turned to the closet nearest to the door and pulled out a duffle bag then headed to the bedroom she went to switch on the light switch but it wouldn't go on then the lamp near her bed shot on her and she was startled to see Boyd sitting next to it. He pulled her back. Don't go getting all shy on me now. I should probably go. Sam woke the next morning with a ridiculous smile on his face and a gorgeous brunette draped over him. He kissed her forehead as she started to stir.

He cupped her face and moved down so he could look her in the eye. He looked her over. I don't know, I feel like I can trust you and He caressed her cheek.

I really don't have anywhere else to be for a while. She reluctantly returned home for a few weeks, deciding she didn't want to be that far away from Sam she moved to St. She spent a few months renting an apartment before Sam asked her to move in. After six months of dating he finally took Andy back to Toronto to meet his friends from the academy. They walked in to the Penny and were greeted by cheers. All she could do was laugh at them. Sam pulled a chair out for Andy before introducing her to everyone.

Oliver held out his hand. How'd you catch this one? He tells us everything.

andy and swarek relationship tips

We're just glad Sammy's finally found someone. Andy really liked his friends. I've been thinking about going.

andy and swarek relationship tips

My dad was a cop and I knew you looked familiar. I'm sorry about what happened. He was a great guy. He was one of our training officers when we were coming through. It'd be nice to clean up the McNally name.

andy and swarek relationship tips

Sam knew a little about her dad from what she had told him. You don't have to make up for that. Andy got to meet Liam, their favorite bartender. I didn't want either of us to have to worry about it. You two can have brunch with me and the girls tomorrow. Zoe's dying to finally meet Andy. Neither were drunk per se but they did have a good buzz going.

Sam let them in their room and Andy headed for the bathroom.

andy and swarek relationship tips

He wandered around setting his keys and wallet down. He found both of their cells and plugged them in. He hears the bathroom door open and smiles to himself.

He knows she's naked under it because he can see the curve of her breast and her hips.

Baby blues on the front line

It never amazes him how even after almost six months he feels like every time is the first time. Andy's been worked up for a while and knows Sam likes seeing her in nothing but her robe. She heads to the bathroom as soon as she can and strips down, slipping it on. She's smiling seductively when he turns around. She gasps a little as a smile plays across his lips while his eyes rake over her. He was already hard at just the sight of her but she says his name like that.

He stops a few feet from her.

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She nods as she chews on her bottom lip. She plays with the belt. What were you thinking about? He nods to her. I want to see you. He loves this side of her, nodding again she covers herself back up and turns around.

Sam loves her ass and her back, it's not something he ever thought about before her but god she's just perfect everywhere. He clears the distance between them and flutters his fingers over the angel wings she has tattooed on her back. Andy felt the moment he approached and knew what he would do first.

He spent a lot of time running his tongue and teeth over her wings. She gasped as he touched her, that fire that had been between them since day one courses through her. Sam tugs his shirt off before pulling her flush against him. Skin on skin he nips and sucks at her exposed neck and shoulders. Sam groaned as she made quick work of his belt, button, and zipper. She kissed him deeply as she ran her hand into his boxers, wrapping her hand around him.

She kissed, licked, and sucked on his neck. Sam reluctantly pulled away and guided her to the bed. Andy pulled him down with her and their lips crashed together. She whimpered as he slowly slid inside her. They cried out each other's names as they shuddered through their orgasms.

Andy held him tightly to her. The next morning their alarm went off and they quickly got ready because they had to be at the Shaw's by When they arrived Oliver's girls were playing in the yard.

Sam climbed out and helped Andy out of the truck. As soon as they started up the walkway the three girls screamed.

Andy laughed as the two younger ones wrapped themselves around his legs and practically climbed up him. The older one that looked to be around 13 just stood watching her sisters and shaking her head.

He hugged the girls and put them down.

He held out an arm and said. Getting too old to hug your favorite uncle?

andy and swarek relationship tips

Andy, this is Izzy, Maddie, and Fiona Shaw. They were met in the living room by Oliver's wife Zoe. Maddie sing-songed to her mom. This is Aunt Andy! My girls get a little excited. I'm Zoe Shaw; it's very nice to meet you. Glad you guys could make it. Andy absolutely adored the Shaw's. It was the family she wished she had had growing up.