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andy and erin relationship

Jim and Pam; Andy and Erin; Michael and Holly; Dwight and Angela my extreme obsession with fictional relationships is a constant reminder of my. In Season 8, Erin is once again single, while Andy is in a steady relationship. After Erin moves to Florida, Andy realises that he can't live without her and publicly. Kelly Erin Hannon (born May 1, ) is a fictional character from the U.S. comedy television Dwight and Andy both admit to being attracted to Erin, as does Ryan. Erin seems to have . In "Happy Hour", Erin and Andy tell the crew that they are trying to keep their relationship a secret because of Andy's aversion to drama.

She eventually broke up with him after he returned and moved on to Pete. Oscar Martinez and Robert Lipton For the first three seasons of The Office, Oscar appeared to be in a relatively healthy relationship with his boyfriend, Gil. This relationship was messy from the start, with Oscar knowingly participating in Robert's infidelity. Despite his past issues with Angela, this type of betrayal should have never happened between these friends.

In the end, the Senator not only cheated on Angela but Oscar as well. Bob Vance and Phyllis Lapin Among the many failed relationships and awful hookups, Phyllis and Bob maintained one of the healthiest relationships on the show. Their marriage continued to be quite healthy, despite some concerns Phyllis had of Bob cheating on her with his secretary.

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However, her concerns are quickly dismissed by Dwight, and she pushed her doubts aside. Yikes, but also, aww! Although Angela dismissed his affections for her numerous times, she eventually broke down and gave in. However, she secretly began her affair with Dwight again, despite committing to marrying Andy.

At times, Angela seemed to have doubts about the affair and appeared to want to care about Andy.

Erin Hannon

In the end, however, the relationship was revealed, with Andy being heartbroken over the betrayal. Fans were sad to see kind-hearted Andy put through so much pain.

Since the reveal of their secret affair, Dwight and Angela seemed like a mismatched couple. However, over the years, the two came to appreciate their differences and even began to complement each other. Through breakups, a baby contract, and misunderstandings, they still managed to come back to each other. As he leaves the party, Michael warns Gabe that he will, both figuratively and literally, kill Gabe if he breaks Erin's heart.

However, when she meets Holly for the first time, she is disappointed with her appearance after Michael spoke so highly of her. She admits in a talking head that she does not see why Michael is attracted to Holly, and when Holly tries to reason with Michael after he admits being upset with her, Erin shoos her away in defending Michael.

She then tries to shoo Holly's boyfriend A.

andy and erin relationship

Erin remains unkind to Holly in " Ultimatum " but finally warms to her when she sees the passionate kiss between Michael and Holly that came at the end of " The Search ". In " Michael's Last Dundies ", Erin starts avoiding Gabe at work because she does not feel attracted to him anymore. Erin reveals how she feels to Pam and Jimwith Pam encouraging her to tell Gabe to avoid leading him on. She then breaks up with Gabe while accepting her Dundie in front of everyone at a packed restaurant.

Gabe tells everyone he is upset with Erin but tries to joke it off, only to reveal he is genuinely upset and leaves the award show. Later she joins the rest of the office in serenading a teary-eyed Michael with a song. During " Goodbye, Michael ", a distraught Gabe is tenacious in trying to win Erin back, even following her into the women's bathroom.

Erin later has a heart-to-heart conversation with Michael about her love life, and admits that she might be in love with Andy. Michael dismisses both Gabe and Andy and advises Erin that the right guy will come along and she will know it. Michael then tells her that he is just a phone call away in Colorado if she needs advice, and kisses her on the head before walking away. At the end of " The Inner Circle ", when Deangelo escapes the hospital and returns to the office, Jim asks Erin to call She asks who should she say is calling, causing Jim to give her a deadpan look while flatly saying her name.

In " Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager ", Erin and Andy are shown hanging out together again. However, after Gabe invites Andy to go to the conference room to speak in private, Gabe breaks down, and Andy promises he will not date Erin again. Later, at reception, Gabe confesses his love to Erin again, but it does not win her back. In a talking-head interview, Erin says she is taking a break from dating, and she admits that while Gabe was a great guy with many wonderful qualities, "it was a challenge being touched by him".

When Dwight accidentally fires the gun right by Andy, causing him temporary hearing loss, Erin is the most worried about him, and tries to accompany him to the hospital, but is stopped by Gabe, who, as an excuse, says that she needs to stay for her receptionist duties. When Andy comes back from the hospital, he and Erin hang out in the kitchen, only for Gabe to confront Andy with the promise, but Andy stands up for himself and embarrasses Gabe by describing Gabe's crying fit to Erin.

When asked whether or not he wants to date Erin, he does not give a straight answer, and eventually claims that it is between him and his diary. After some advice from Phyllis, Erin tells Andy in front of the entire Office that she still has feelings for him. Andy denies her, later stating to the camera that he is still hurt from being dumped in favor of Gabe.

Phyllis finds out the results are negative, but holds off telling Erin and continues to show maternal affection toward her. Season 8[ edit ] In Season 8, Erin is on Robert's loser side of the list. She helps Andy out with his challenges of being manager and is the only one to congratulate him on his new job.

In " Lotto ", she helps out in the warehouse and suggests easier ways to move the boxes. In " Spooked ", Erin is in charge of the Halloween party, but is forced to make it more adult when co-workers think the decorations are childish.

andy and erin relationship

She also finds out that Andy is in a relationship with someone. Erin tells her that she is welcome to the office and the party, but later on Robert California talks Erin into being an "adult woman and a free spirit" and having a drink.

But this does not just stop at one, Erin tells Andy that she has had "a thousand". Later that night, she tells Andy that she wants Jessica dead and that was her Christmas wish, which shows she still has feelings for Andy. She later gets a ride home from Robert, who tells her to take some aspirin and get some rest. Later on, Erin remains hopeful that Andy will end things with Jessica and reunite with her and it becomes clear Andy still has feelings for her but she later decides that this is not going to happen.

As a result, when she ends up assigned to the team joining Dwight on the Sabre Store project in Tallahassee, she tells the camera that she is never returning to Scranton. In " Get the Girl ", Andy goes to Florida, to try to win her back. This leads to a lot of unresolved tension coming to the surface. Gabe doesn't make any more appearances after that, impying that his employment was just a contract job. He develops a friendly relationship with both Erin and Andy, though there are several hints that there's more between him and Erin than either would care to admit.

Even though Erin was still dating Andy at this point, she has begun to see that Andy is fairly obnoxious and immature compared to the younger and more grounded Pete. Once Andy comes back, Erin confides in Pete that she doesn't love him anymore. Pete tells Erin that she should do what makes her happy, to which Erin responds by kissing Pete. The two have been dating ever since. Pete and Erin's relationship parallels both Jim and Pam's relationship in the early series, as well as Tim and Dawn's in the British series.

Erin brings this up and suggests that they double-date, but Jim and Pam make excuses why they can't and Erin drops the subject out of embarrassment. Dwight Schrute and Ryan Howard have also shown an interest in Erin at various points. When he introduced ger to the rest of the office, Erin reacted immaturely. Andy chastised her for this, reminding Erin that she was the one who dumped him. When Erin decides to leave Scranton, Andy relises he still has feelings for her and begs her to come back, dumping Jessica in front of Erin and her friends.