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An Unconventional Relationship by TCRegan and Sophie Richard: http://srtcfics. SUMMARY: Harry's time at the Dursley's has. “An unconventional relationship” By TC Regan and Sophie Richards. I did get rich off the halloween event, and made my mule into a zombie. That's always. TITLE: An Unconventional Relationship. Author: by TCRegan and Sophie Richards. RATING: NC PAIRING: Harry/Snape. SUMMARY: Harry's time at the.

The war is over, Hogwarts is no more, Albus is deaf, Minerva's round the bend, and Harry and Severus are trying - despite their visual handicap and the occasional treachery of their friends - to find a way of living together. How about a time travel romance, with young Snape accidentally coming forward to the future, and Adult Harry having to take charge of him until they sort out what made it all happen.

Harry discovers Severus survived Nagini's attack.

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Ten years ago, Severus Snape's world fell apart. Can a returning Harry Potter put it all back together? Harry to keep him safe, but nothing is quite what it seems. After Voldemort's defeat, Snape comes to Harry for help. Read review here Warnings: Harry is cursed, and comes to Snape for the cure.

This time, Dumbledore sends Snape to Harry's manor for his own safety. Seven years later, Harry brings a broken Snape into his home for healing.

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Can there be reconciliation between them? Two men, two rooms, a war. Snape lives as Harry Potter's prisoner and more or less servant. An unexpected attack changes things.

Or have things already been changing? Snape has a project for Harry. Harry has other ideas. Severus Snape gets on with his life after Voldemort's defeat.

Snape courts Harry, according to an ancient Wizarding courtship ritual. Tired of live in general, Harry loses the will to survive. Too bad for him that one of his professors simply doesn't see life the way he does. But what will happen if Snape regains his memories? Severus Snape is the only one who can heal the injuries inflicted on Harry by a vengeful Bellatrix Lestrange.

He passes a hand over his face and takes a few seconds to silently, pointlessly curse the Dark Lord, himself, and the wretchedness of magic for burdening him with something so fantastic and absurd as true love for Harry Potter. That impossible light in his cell, like daylight, only sharper, fiercer, angrier. There was no escaping that light. And yet, he got used to it. You can find a review for "Sleeping in the Light" here. It was really all semantics In some regards, it's an awful lot.

Harry has a plan. But is Harry Slytherin enough to avoid his own trap? After the war, Harry wants answers.

Severus/ _______ centric

Snape's willing to give them. His name finally cleared, Snape returns to Spinner's End following the aftermath of the war. An unexpected visit leads him to believe that his life may not be quite as empty as he had thought. Harry buries Snape at Godric's Hollow. As he was in life, so he would be in death. Harry is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a boyfriend; Snape is repressed and teeth-grittingly, fist-clenchingly jealous because Harry likes him but doesn't like him.

Site registration required Read review here. Snape endeavours to wake Harry up.

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A tale of the further woes of the Boy Who Lived -- who, having escaped the monster Scylla, has fallen into Charybdis Charybdis being he of the hooked nose and greasy hair. Which is all a terribly pretentious way of saying out of the frying pan, into the fire. Post-OoTP fic in which Sirius' death never happened. During the final battle Snape saves Harry's life, but with a very particular spell that has long-term consequences for both of them. One of them is that Harry needs to be close to Snape and so Sirius installs them in one of his houses and leaves them to deal with it.

A curse from Voldemort regresses Harry to infancy. Snape must protect him while the Order tries to find a way to reverse the spell. Had Harry known "bonding" with his former professor would lead him to three different countries, a hastily-planned wedding and his pants around his ankles in Snape's sitting room, he wouldn't have quit his day job. The best part of falling in love with a man who's in love with your mum's eyes is never having to take off your glasses.

Chronicles the first mildly insane sixteen-odd years of Snape and Harry's life together. Harry's haunted by guilt. Snape's warded by roses. Each must free the other in order to free himself. It's after the final battle, and Snape is lucky Harry and Lupin got to him first.

Harry's lost an important ability.