An open letter to the almost relationship

An Open Letter to My Almost Relationship | Letter To My Ex

an open letter to the almost relationship

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to someone and never send it? Have you ever had a yearning to get out all of your emotions, but. By refusing to label our relationship, you were free to do as you pleased, and I wouldn't be justified in getting angry or hurt by any of it. I didn't. This is an open letter to my almost boyfriend; this letter is my way of I write about love, emotions, relationship issues and ways to solve them.

Your texts became less frequent, your job suddenly became too busy for a texting conversation, and emojis were too much effort.

I still wonder sometimes what I could have done to stop it from spiraling downhill but, the truth is, it had nothing to do with me. Well let me tell you something: I deserved better, and we both know that.

An Open Letter To The Boy I Had An Almost Relationship With

I cared, a lot. I listened and supported you whenever you had problems or bad days. I always made sure I was doing everything I could to make you feel wanted and appreciated.

I put so much effort into what I thought was a future. But I guess it worked out for the best.

An Open Letter To The Almost Boyfriend Who Never Was

You kept me on my toes, and I know you know — you had me wrapped around your finger. We know one another in a way no one does. We have a past full of regret, and the only good that came out of it was each other. There is something quite inviting about a vile poison you wonder will kill you or not. I want you to know a few things. Have you ever had a yearning to get out all of your emotions, but somehow keep them in at the same time? Well, this is mine. This is my letter to my never boyfriend.

The honest truth is that I find an inexplicable desire to thank you. At some point, I needed to say this, even if you might never read it. And even if you were only in my life a brief moment, your influence was limitless even in its brevity.

an open letter to the almost relationship

The point is that for the few months you were in my life, you saved me. You never knew it, but you did. That broken little heart of mine fell for you the moment you said I had pretty eyes at the bar.

An Open Letter To My Almost Boyfriend

Cheesy, sure, but hell, it worked with that smile of yours. It worked well enough for me to hold your hand the rest of the night as if we always had.

And so we went on as college kids do. A handful of dates that included Greek functions and frozen yogurt. What seemed like nothing at the time resulted in the ability to mend my heart. We were almost happy. I think about you a lot, probably more than I should.

I think it happened gradually. We really had a great time together. We could talk about anything. It was so easy to be with you, to talk to you, and it just seemed like we had known each other for half of our lives. I never opened up to anybody the way I did to you.

an open letter to the almost relationship

All of my walls came falling down, which is why it hurt so much now. We shared so many great memories together. I think my favorite one is that summer night. You know I am not a romantic type; I like to keep things real.

an open letter to the almost relationship

But that night was so romantic, in our own style, and it meant so much. Do you remember the two of us lying on the beach, watching shooting stars? I thought I had you already.