American beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

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american beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

Character Analysis – Ricky in American Beauty Paper He shares a sensual and physical relationship with the girl next door, Jane, whilst he also has a strong . American Beauty, a story about Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), his family, and his In addition to a loveless marriage, an unhappy teen-age daughter, and an Carolyn has an affair with a competing realtor and Jane falls in love with Ricky. as they thought about their current situation and goals, their vision for the future . My impression of the film American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes, Adult responsibility is the part of himself that Lester never formed a relationship with, since Carolyn will be home any minute, and Jane and Ricky are just .. The Hidden Purpose of 'Turtles All The Way Down' · Who's Who in.

So he reveals only a little to Lester, but it is enough to change him. The rest we get through his relationship with Jane.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

That's why I feel the pot is a symbol of the information Ricky possesses. Lester buys it from Ricky, and he only buys the best stuff, the stuff that Ricky himself smokes, the stuff that never makes you paranoid, but gives you a mellow high.

And so we come to Ricky, who has already gone through his transformation mostlywhich is why he can see so far into other people. The first time he meets Lester at the real estate party his immediate connection with Lester is in stark contrast to Carolyn's inability to understand even the simplest thing about her own husband.

His outburst at Angela near the end of the movie the first time he's really even looked at her goes right to the heart of her insecurities, setting up not only her tryst with Lester, but more importantly setting up her revelation to Lester about her insecurity about having sex with him, which of course allows Lester to break from his adolescent behavior; this provides another important link between Ricky and Lester's transformation.

And of course Ricky only has relationships with those who are ready to be transformed.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

Ricky's transformation into this nearly pure character, who, like the Fool in King Lear, always tells the truth except to his father; see belowwho experiences everything as beauty, takes place before the movie begins. He has died and been reborn metaphorically in his time in the mental ward.

Lester, after his death, explains that the last second of life goes on forever, and it is only at this point that he quotes Ricky's lines about too much beauty in the world. Ricky is already living like every second is his last, but for most of us this is not possible. We cannot go about our lives, doing dishes or work or anything mundane if we are so painfully aware of our mortality as Ricky is. This is why Ricky is shown linked with death the funeral, the dead homeless lady. He has gone beyond the pale, between his life with his father and his time in the ward.

Symbolically he has already died, and so each second is a gift, extra time granted to his life. And here lies the heart of the movie. We should all strive to live like this, aware of our mortality, aware of the beauty in a plastic bag, at least a little bit. Each moment, each minute and hour, we do die a little, never able to retrieve those moments to live again. It is impossible to be this aware all the time.

Ricky's mother is the symbol for that existence - she spends her day disconnected from the world, staring at nothing in particular presumable arrested by the beauty all around herunable to act until prompted by someone else. Ricky has to navigate between the two extremes of the violence of his father and the non-existence of his mother.

When we last see Ricky's mother, we get the view of a person who can't even do the dishes without being completely arrested by an object as ordinary as a plate.

So, we cannot go about our lives, or anything mundane, if we are so painfully aware of our mortality as Ricky is. This is also why Lester must die, and it's not really a sad thing when it happens. He has reached that point, and he cannot live with this newfound revelation. All he will be able to do is look at things and marvel at their beauty like he does with the photograph right before his death. Lester's death is simply part of gaining that particular viewpoint; if you reach this point, you can't go on living.

That's why Jane's transformation is primarily about finding beauty in herself; Ricky and all of us need her to stay living in the world. Ricky also stands in opposition to his father, who is unable to penetrate the obvious lies his son feeds him Colonel Frank Fitts is the only character Ricky lies towhile Ricky knows the inner secrets of strangers.

Colonel Fitts cannot even begin to love himself, to see beauty in himself or anything else, while Ricky sees beauty everywhere, in the must mundane things The first time we meet the family, Frank is reading the paper.

Ricky inquires about what is going on in the world, and Frank's reply is that it is going to hell. He can't even graciously accept a welcome to the neighborhood gift and I mean before he finds out the men at his door are homosexuals.

[HQ]American Beauty scene, Jane smiles.

Frank's depravity is most obvious when he beats Ricky for going in his locked cabinet, a cabinet from which nothing is missing, a cabinet filled with violence and hate, a cabinet filled only with things, and not very nice things at that. On one level, it shows us where Carolyn's materialism could end up; as I suggested above, she is headed in Frank's direction.

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On a deeper level, it shows something about Frank. Frank is so angry over this because he doesn't want Ricky to become what he is, a self-hating, all-hating individual. Remember, Ricky is sneaking into his father's locked cabinet which filled with violence and hate, a sort of Pandora's box of evil. Frank's fear that Ricky will become like him also contributes to his mistaking Ricky's and Lester's relationship as homosexual.

Even Frank makes an attempt at redemption in this film, a bold step for the movie to take. In reaching out to, and kissing, Lester he attempts to finally accept and love himself much as Ricky transformed Janeand perhaps love someone else.

Because he is incapable of understanding people he is the anti-Ricky, after allhe misinterprets so many of the facts leading up to this scene. Most important of these misunderstandings is Frank's transformation of Ricky's and Lester's drug trade into oral sex, a transformation of the spiritual into the sexual.

Compare this to Lester's two muses; in Frank's mind Ricky becomes Angela, which is a retrogression. Frank is witnessing what is metaphorically the passing of information from his son to Lester about appreciating beauty in all things, and he mistakes it for prostitution.

That is why his fumbling attempt to love someone else and accept his own homosexuality, courageous as it is, is doomed to fail. He is not nearly ready. Like Carolyn inability to shot Lester, Frank goes as far as can to love, and then recoils.

And he recoils to the other extreme, with the ultimate act of hate and violence, shooting Lester. Colonel Fitts is a homophobic veteran who abuses his son and has a narrow-minded view of the world around him.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

When he approaches Lester in the pouring rain, the film gives us the expectation that he might hurt or threaten Lester. Instead, he kisses him. We realize as viewers that he is someone who uses homophobia as a way to suppress his internal feelings.

This motivation makes sense, and it completely changes how you watch the film and perceive the character for future viewings.

Analysis of “American Beauty” – Part 1 of Several

Ironically, Angela is preaching something all of these characters believe in. She stands behind this statement with a false sense of achievement, as if her physical beauty separates her from the idea of being ordinary. Angela inflates her ego by talking about her sexual experience and her physical beauty.

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When Jane and Ricky plan their runaway, we expect Angela to become upset with Ricky and potentially engage with Lester in spite of her relationship with Jane.

Instead, we learn that she created a fake narrative about herself in order for people to like her. She is a virgin who built up a wall of lies in order to impress others. They are attractive on the outside but susceptible to rotting at their roots — out of plain sight. Jane is the typical, angsty teenager who is angry towards her parents and angry towards life.

american beauty jane and ricky relationship goals

That would be like, so cliched! That would be way too ordinary for Super Model Mom to live with. Super Model Mom only settles for the best. Super Model Mom will raise that daughter to be just like her, because that will stick it to her father.

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Attention makes her feel valued again, and becomes her coping mechanism. She feels happy when she notices that men look at her and want to fuck her, and since this is so common she starts to forget what it means to be vulnerable.

She begins to believe that the world is full of people who want her. The love story that Super Model Mom told her about how her parents met only reinforces the validity of her belief. She begins to believe that her feelings of vulnerability and grief were only her imagination. She grows up too fast and gladly forgets that at one point earlier in her life, she felt ordinary and insufficiently worthy to make her parents stay together as a family. She forgets that the one man she desperately wanted to look at her and see beauty has left for good.

Or even, the equivalent emotional reassurance of TWO parents since the father is absent?

Character Analysis – Ricky in American Beauty Paper

She has discovered that her inherited natural good looks win her some male attention to replace that of her father, starting from age Ricky Fitts knows denial when he sees it. She tries to abuse him; she lashes out whenever anyone makes her feel vulnerable, or, as it appears to us, whenever anyone tries to be real with her. She responds by acting even more slutty than ever, with no limits.

She graphically teases Jane about giving Lester a blowjob. I guess they stop just before it technically becomes a felony]. She relies on her physical beauty for popularity and attention, but practically defines the saying: