Altantuya and najib relationship counseling

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altantuya and najib relationship counseling

Classified By: Political Counselor Mark D. Clark for reasons (b and d). evidence prejudicial to the DPM, the Altantuya case will not slow down Najib's drive to Decriminalising Same-Sex Relationships: UN Rights Chief. NAJIB menjawab pelbagai isu pada temu bual bersama Reuters di Langkawi. Dr M: Re-open Altantuya case . or support, you can contact domestic abuse charity Refuge or relationship counselling group Relate for help. Posts about Altantuya Murder written by dinobeano. Malaysia's Infamous Couple–Prime Minister Najib Razak and his FLOM Rosmah Mansor Rohingyas, raising the issue with the Myanmar state counselor, Aung San Suu.

In addition, Najib made Muhyiddin Education Minister, an important patronage position but without access to the central levers of power. Observers debate how close Muhyiddin really is to Najib as some consider him as ambitious and a possible rival to Najib under certain circumstances.

Some observers have indicated Muhyiddin has yet to completely satisfy Najib of the new DPM,s loyalty.

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Their relationship bears watching before we can draw firm conclusions. Associated Companies 5.

altantuya and najib relationship counseling

C Post used both open as well as informed sources to build an initial picture of the companies associated with Najib and or his family members. The companies listed below all have Najib or one of his immediate family members on their executive boards. Most of the companies listed also hold government contracts or are believed to have substantial business interaction with the government. Malaysia's second largest financial services provider and the fifth largest in Southeast Asia. A publicly listed company mainly involved in business process outsourcing.

A publicly listed company involved in manufacturing ceramic tiles, distribution and sale of health foods and supplements, property development, and resorts and hotels. A Malaysian-based conglomerate with investments in financial services, manufacturing, and property and infrastructure development.

A publicly listed company involved in plantations, contracting, biohealth care and information technology. A publicly listed company involved in property development, investment, and management as well as investment holding and manufacturing. A utilities and infrastructure group with interests in transportation and logistics, energy and utilities, engineering, and construction. Its international business dealings focus on the Middle East, with investments in utilities and logistics in that region.

The largest totally integrated automotive company in Malaysia, with operations in the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of passenger and commercial vehicles. It also is involved in property and infrastructure development, and provides the Malaysian military land-based vehicles.

A publicly listed company, it is the leading manufacturer of steel products in the country. A publicly listed company involved in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of soft drinks, food and dairy products; other activities include property development. An investment holding company with subsidiaries engaged in the manufacture and sale of automobile parts and accessories, palm oil plantations, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, manufacture and export of agrichemicals, and magazine publishing.

Principally involved in the production, marketing, and sale of food, beverages, and sweetened condensed milk.

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Manufactures and markets vinyl-coated fabrics, calendered film and sheeting, and other plastic products, including geotextiles and prefabricated sub-soil drainage systems. Principally involved in property development and trading. A boutique investment company chaired by Rohana Mahmood. Business Leaders 6. C Post compared the executive boards, used open sources, and spoke with informed contacts to identify key individuals within businesses that are linked to Najib and his family.

Stunning claims linking Najib to Altantuya II

She and another close aide of Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda, co-founded an independent think-tank, the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre currently dormant.

Razak was acquitted in October of abetting the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya. Rohana appears connected in some manner to most of the companies associated with Najib. He has been playing a prominent role in the reforms of government-linked companies GLCs. He is also the ex-CEO of Pengurusan Danaharta Bhd and sits on several advisory panels for the development of the capital market, venture capital, and public service delivery system.

Syed operates a huge vehicle assembly plant there. Syed Mokhtar also is believed to have a good and some say stronger relationship with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin. He is currently director and chair of Khazanah's executive committee. He could have retired a rich man from his alleged kickbacks from Scorpene and lived a life of luxury in England. He could have avoided the scrutiny of the Malaysian public.

altantuya and najib relationship counseling

It was probably arranged on the advice of his foreign advisers. He is probably testing the waters and seeing how the Malaysian public react to him over a range of issues like education, religion and radicalization. Malaysia does not have an extradition treaty with France, unlike Britain.

His stay in England would be risky. He appears to be pushing the right buttons on many subjects. More importantly, as long as Najib is around, there is money to be made.

ICON has held several forums and issued press releases with alarming regularity. Pretensions as Oracle This is proof that he wants to be heard on a range of subjects, upon most of which many Malaysians agree. On radicalization, he has urged the Home Ministry to monitor students, who studied in the middle-east, and warned that Malaysia was losing its reputation as a moderate nation.

He has warned that the prominence of religion in schools will lower the quality of education. He questioned the failure of Malaysian leaders to confront the nationalists.

mi1: Altantuya case: Is the truth buried in the Najib-Shafee SMSes

So are Najib and Razak Baginda in constant contact? Even if it were true that Najib and Razak Baginda have resumed their cozy ties, it is established that they need one another to keep their secrets safe.

Remember the adage about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer still. Perhaps Najib is willing to take that chance, especially after the warning issued by the American Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, on Dec.