About a boy marcus and fiona relationship quotes

About a Boy Quotes by Nick Hornby

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship quotes

About A Boy Key Quotes. Welcome to Fiona and her relationship with Marcus · 4. Ready to learn. Ellie · 5. Ready to learn. Will and Marcus' relationship. When Will decided it was time to end the relationship, he was surprised to . In the end, Marcus tells Fiona he needs to see Will because he is a .. Quotes " People quite often thought Marcus was being funny when he wasn't" (Chapter 1, pg. One of the main characters in Nick Hornby's novel About a Boy and the Fiona is Marcus' forty-year-old mother, who tries to raise Marcus as a perfect she is the obvious connection between Marcus and Will, as well as what.

She tried to startd a conversation by saying that those pipes are lovley, but Lou didn't like them. Then Fiona told him that in England a Lou means toilet, so his name is toilet. Then when Marcus came and he started to talk very loud she tried to calm him down and then she left.

In the evening she came with Will into Marcus's room and they explain to hm that they will never get married. Edit Fiona was for the first time shown at her work. She was answering the calls.

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Then Marcus called her and she was so releaved, because he told her that he arived safley. She started to talk about how he needs to take care of himself and that she is sorry, because she needs to work that much.

Hour later Fiona came to the hospital as fastly as she could so she can see her little baby and calm him down. She was so over reacting, seh thought that he will need blood, but he was just fine.

Later Marcus called her and it was only mentioned her name. In the house she was on the computer on videochat with his son, she said that that way they can be together all time and she also told him that she cut orangese for him and that she hid all the knifes. Next day Fiona was with Marcus in the hospital holding him and when Sam asked how is he feeling she said instead of Marcus that he is a bit constepated. Then she got a phone call and she went on a side to talk to the costumer.

When she came back she heard Sam saying that Will is great and then she asked who is great. When Marcus told that they have been dreaming who to be next to they didn't except Will, but then Fiona said that he i so lazy and that she needs to work and then shesaid that he hasn't been writting a song for seven years. At her work she was watchind Marcus studying and doing homework. But then she saw that he is on a lupe and she started to panic and she thought that it is something wrong with him and she wanted to go home, but then Will and Marcus came to her work to tell her that Marcus is ok and that he doens't like when she is to protective, and then Fiona got mad at Will because he took Marcus out of the house.

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Edit Fiona came to Will's house with bags, suitcases and all other things. She startd to talk to Marcus, but Will was blocking her way. But then she told Will that why is he trying to hide his poker table. Will was scared that Fiona would get angry, but she actually said that she doesn't oppose Marcus learning poker, but that she thinks that the peron teaching him should be quilificated.

Then she went up to Marcus and startd to talk to him, how he should call her if he needs anything, and then she startd to show him pyjamas that she prepared and she told him what she packed, before she left she helped Marcus win poker against Will.

Hours later Fiona drove Marcus to Jackson's house to his first sleepover.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship quotes

She was a bit nervous, because this is going to be the first time that they are gonna spend appart. Before Marcus left she told him that he shold call her if he needs anything and then Marcus left and she said goodbye to him and she then left.

At her home she was so bored and she tried to do everything: Later she went outisde to meditate infront of buda. Then TJ Will's friend came to pi outisde but he pied on her laund and she said hy and asked him if he's doing that. When he asked her what is she doing she told him that she is meditatin. Then she told him that she is bored and TJ invited her to Will's poker night. She first said no, but then she changed he mind and she said yes.

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Then Fiona entered Will's house for poker and she was smiling and she was glad that she found something to do. When she saw Andy she greted him and gave him a high five. Later they were all playing poker and Fiona was good at it and she was having fun.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship quotes

When Richard asked Will if he has something to eat Fiona said back that she gave some hummus in his fridge. And the guys all went to eat it, but only Fiona and Will stayed and Will startd to tell Fiona how she ruined his poker night.

When Richard got a back grab Fiona quickly stayed up and she hold him and showed to him to do jogga so his back won't hurt. And then all guys except Will joined her. Later Fiona was already a bit drunk and she was telling the guys since when was she playing poker. Then TJ brought wiski and they startd to drink. Then Andy said that they should make Fiona a permenate diller and they all agreed but Will didn't. Will then said to Fiona that she could go home and that is not his foult that her only friend is her son and Fiona got upset and she went home.

There she dren with TJ and Richard. Then she got a phone call that Marcus wants her to pick him up, because his scared. When Fiona can't understand why, T. Laurie is ready to call game night a wash, when a totally desperate Will levels with the room: In fact, Will doesn't want to have sex with Fiona - he wants to have sex with Dr. Sam huff out, Andy starts guzzling wine, since his chances of getting bagged are over.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship quotes

Game night really is a wash. Later, Fiona stops by Will's for some words, which he presumes are "thank you" for defending her honor. But all she wants to say is that next time someone wants to have sex with her to win a belt, he should just tell her. And is he looking at her boobs again? Will shuttles Fiona out the door, and when there's another knock, he assumes it's her again, throws open the door and announces yes, he was looking at her boobs.

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But in fact, it's Dr. Sam, who was touched to learn Will likes her. So she stopped by Andy and Laurie's to pick up the belt - and she's got a first kiss for him too!

You can tell that because of the descriptions of their flats and also their life and job. The main character is Will and also Marcus. I start with describing Will. He is an upper class bachelor with nothing to do, he spends all his days at home, at the hairdresser, at the video store, shopping or looking for woman. Will is happy with his life in that way but he changes in the book and experience true love for the first time.

Before he just met woman then he broke up with them and hurt their feelings. He realized that he is kind of an boring person with noting interesting to say. Marcus is a special little boy with a silly haircut, different clothes and he also sings out loud at bad times.

He is twelve years old and if you see his mother Fiona you know where he gotten his style from. She is a vegetarian hippie you basically can say. He is short and ha brown hair. Marcus is a person who is independent and he thinks a lot. He really has a hard time both at school and at home. But when he meet Will it all change.

Will understands a bit more about his situation than his mother Fiona does. He knows he gets bullied at school, while his mother just wants to close her eyes for it. Wills and Marcus relationship is the main plot of the book and you get to follow how both the persons change and grow up. He liked the media pages, because he felt he was qualified to fill most of the vacancies on offer. Why should he care of Marcus went to school or not?

He knew very well he should care whether Marcus went to school.