3 of cups and wands relationship

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3 of cups and wands relationship

Love in the Cards #3: Marriage Knight of Swords, Ace of Wands; Marriage: 4 of Wands, Hierophant, Justice, Queen of Swords (Today's post!). If you are already in a relationship, three of wands can denote your partner wants to expand on your living 3 of wands + Two of cups: Relationship therapist. Its presence in a reading reflects a very authentic relationship that is built on mutual trust and ten of cups tarot card four of wands tarot card.

This may be on your part, or a deliberate attempt by others to exclude you. Rather than being happy for your success, this group of women may toast you but be green with envy behind it all. Cattiness may abound or there may be an enemy disguised as a friend. You are possibly being very naive about those who appear close to you. Can you trust your friends? The constant rounds of parties and socialising may have left you feeling exhausted and disillusioned so action must be taken.

Shock, tears and great unhappiness may be evident. This is bound to cause a great scandal among friends and family. There could be inappropriate behaviour at a wedding.

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It may be enough to cause a huge rift between the newly weds. The break-up may not be straight forward either.

3 of cups and wands relationship

It may even be your best friend. Beware the woman dressed in red. She will be ruthless in getting what she wants. She may be after your partner or indeed already involved with him. She may be an interfering mother, sister or friend out to cause trouble or break you up. She may very well be hiding her true motives. This woman may have a hidden agenda. On the other hand, it may be you who is the scarlet woman.

3 of cups and wands relationship

Promiscuity and affairs accompany this reversed Cup card. Too much drinking and over-indulging may be causing problems and lack of support in your relationship when the Three of Cups reverses.

Termination or miscarriage can be represented by this reversed Three. You must look to surrounding cards for further evidence. In relation to careers, a team may not be working together as they choose to work against each other to serve their own purpose. A position with no growth potential or prospects for promotion. Sly underhand behaviour, gossiping and bad mouthing each other may be the daily routine at your place of work.

There may be an enemy or spy in the camp poisoning others. When the Three of Cups reverses you may feel that you have no career options and that there is little to choose from on the employment front. You may get little or no response to your job applications. Crossing the Point of No Return: All of the traits of the cards numbered three have a certain inevitability built into them. Like puberty, marriage and divorce, a Tarot card with a three on it is more than just an affirmation to move on.

Cards numbered three are not just a line in the sand; they are the crossing of that line and the steps to move far beyond it. At its most intense, any card with the number three carries the power of complete and total transformation. If you receive one or more of these cards in a reading, understand that change will do you good, but that the process of changing might be more intense than you ever anticipated.

These themes are imbued into each of the cards numbered with a three in the Tarot.

3 of cups and wands relationship

When one of these cards appears in your reading, some of this energy is apparent. When there is more than one of these cards in your reading, these themes will be a major current in your life quite soon.

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The Empress sits on her throne, with everything and nothing to command. She is beholden to The Emperor and is not aware of the luck or power her position holds. She is at heart a pleasure-seeker.

When The Empress card appears, the themes of loyalty, bonding, indulging and crossing the point of no return are emphasized not like a crashing tidal wave, but more like a fattening, irresistible, delicious box of chocolates that suddenly get consumed two and three at a time with little attention to what makes each delightful treat special unto itself. Death This is the scariest card in the Tarot deck. Death was once much more common in everyday life as antibiotics and common surgeries of today were not around when the Tarot was codified.

The card might signal the end of a life but that life could be as a single person, or relate to the end of a job or some other all-consuming endeavor. Where The Empress prefers to seductively deliver bonding experiences, indulgences or the crossing of a line, the Death card has no such finesse and indicates that these transformative experiences are arriving in a severe manner.

Three of Cups Description and Symbolism

Emotional and social bonds are strengthened. Three of Cups in Love If you are already in a relationship, the Three of Cups indicates you might be celebrating your love with a bridal shower or have one final bachelor party.

You and your spouse could even be welcoming in a new baby with a christening or baptism. If you are asking about a possible romance, the Three of Cups indicates that they just want to be friends. Be careful with your heart. The Three of Cups can sometimes indicate a libertine attitude towards sex.

Overall, the Three of Cups in love indicates a fun, carefree feeling or event.

The Three of Cups as Feelings in a Love Reading

Whether the carefree attitude comes from a celebration from an already established relationship or a romantic encounter. Three of Cups as Feelings If you are asking about how someone feels towards you, then they feel a great friendly vibe from you. This is the friendzone card. If they are your feelings you will be feeling joyous, happy and celebratory. Three of Cups as Advice As advice in love, the Three of Cups asks you to go out with friends and express your freedom.