1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

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1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

1/ FA MLU Belgian AF Tigermeet . a highly detailed and very accurate Fouga Magister in 1/32nd scale. Previews are given here. DACO Products' DECALSETTING is known as the best decal setting solution in Europe!. results Overall yellow with black decal Tiger stripes, Aircraft decals (military), Limited 1 , Polish Lockheed-Martin FC/FD NATO Tiger Meet I am looking for a few Tiger Meet kits of F or Fs in 1/48 or 1/72 scale. They are a decal specialist and carry many decal brands from around BTW, I purchase Leading Edge decals for my 1/32 Academy CF and I.

The second treasure in this set is usually known as the "Marilyn Monroe Sabre," since a beautiful representation of the Marilyn Monroe Playboy Magazine nude centerfold was painted on the left nose of this FENA. This jet was eventually crashlanded. The wings were removed and she was shipped to Japan for rebuild. We can presume the Marilyn figure was also removed in Japan! Research and artwork by Raanan Weiss, of IsraDecals! Very detailed instructions accompany this amazing decal set.

Love the nose art fuselage art? One of the prettiest Thunderjet schemes ever, this is for Col Robert L. Our thanks to Gen Scott for his help on this decal set! The apogee of colorful USAF jets ws certainly attained with the mid-late s interceptors.

The FIS Commander flew this extremely colorful jet, Did you note the fuselage "U. Only 22 sets still available. You know how much I love the Scooter! Carpenter of the VFA Rampagers.

1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

Both jets flew combat in Afghanistan and Iraq during this cruise. Special colorful markings for Operation Iraqi Freedom abound in this decal set covering two combat birds with mission markings! Interestingly, this plane flew combat missions with the air refueling probe door removed due to problems with the door itself.

This extensive sheet can be used for many Soviet aircraft projects. MiG Fulcrum markings for four aircraft: The Indian birds are especially interesting and colorful. This set also has a very detailed instruction sheet set. This was one of our very earliest decal sets and was so popular it was reprinted at least three times in later years. It covers four colorful Sea Kings: Only 25 sets still available. This gorgeous Starfighter was painted overall aluminum with a blue nose and tail.

The most striking element was the beautiful tiger painted to appear he was breaking through the fuselage skin on the right side nose, with parts of his center and rear body appearing through "holes" painted on the left fuselage. This is one of the most famous Starfighter markings schemes of all time! Note the RFG was a standard FG with the Orpheus recce pod which was not fitted to this jet while she was in this scheme.

Only 19 sets still available. Only 24 sets still available. Full F4D stencilling data with national insignias, correct factory type wing walkways unlike the incorrect kit provided onesblack depot applied style wingwalks, stripes for the tailhook, two types of intake warning markings early and lategray and black antiglare panels, several styles of emergency rescue arrows, etc, plus the full maintenance stencilling.

1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

This set features three colorful and unusual straight-wing Fs. The last jet is the extremely colorful "Tigre Bianchi" aerobatic team of the 51st Stormo, Italian Air Force, featuring their bright yellow, blue and red team markings.

Extremely colorful FGs including: This is one of the most remarkable and striking schemes ever applied to a Starfighter. Seven colorful and important Dragon Ladies are covered in this set.

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All were assigned to the SRW, with tail numbers, and My main memories of Sabres while I was growing up are of the Sabre Dog, which is why the jet holds such a special place in my heart. The bright unit markings and astonishing International Orange hi-viz markings stand out clearly in my mind. Ahhhh, the heady days of our youth! The Most Colorful Hun Ever! Note the scheme on this jet varied slightly over time; this is the version.

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The first jet was part of the fascinating Operation Stovepipe, weather reconnaissance flights over North Korea in The top surfaces were painted olive drab, but unfortunately reduced top speed by 20 MPH. The first jet is "Penetrator" from the 96 BW. This nose art features the tiger motif of the 37th Bomb Squadron grasping the globe in its claws. Colorful A-4Ms Skyhawks 2.

This set showcases two very popular Marine Scooter units. This one is truly striking. Hands down, this is my favorite "MiG Master" scheme of all time. Simply put, Trumpeter is not known for adequate decal research, and their Marine SBD-1 decals are some of the most inaccurate they every produced.

1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

Since these birds were historically important and they look VERY coolI decided to provide you the opportunity to accurately model one of these early Dauntlesses with their colorful markings-since the Navy never flew any SBDs operationally in full color markings, these Marine babies are your only choices. Accurate markings from photos! This jet carried these markings for a short time in both the gray and black schemes with different topside markings on each ; decals for both are included.

Now you can model the most famous Black Jet ever! Based on photos provided to me by the RIO! Double sheet set with decals much thinner and finer than any provided in Tamiya kits. This artwork was a slightly smaller and less elaborate version of the "Hairless Joe" art Schilling had painted on the nose of his PD razorback.

This plane was from the 56th FG, Boxted, late One photo of this plane in service clearly shows that NO upper left wing US star and bar insignia was applied, at least at the time of the photo.

This large three-decal-sheet set is the result of extensive research as are all Cutting Edge Decals and contains all markings, including full stenciling. Complete markings, including stencils, to cover one of six aircraft. SBD-4 "Sister" traditionally believed to have been painted in all white or all yellow; we found an excellent photo that confirms the name was red with a yellow pinstripe outline! This is the best-documented of the several various markings schemes applied to Triple Zilch over its lifetime.

Bowers, February 22, The cool thing about these two nose art subjects is that the specialized PYN-up printing technology results in an eye-catching look for your model. Rudely awakened by the Japanese attack, Rasmussen took off wearing his pajamas and landed after shooting down one Zero and receiving over bullet holes in his plane. Exhaustively researched from both US and Japanese sources, it broke new ground in the understanding and depiction of Pearl Harbor era Japanese fighter camouflage and markings.

Golshevskij, night fighter camouflage scheme! Jarecki, first MiG defection to the West before Kim! Why did we make decals for a scheme that was included in the Tamiya box?

Exhaustively researched by the inimitable Hal Tippens and based on voluminous information provided by both the Blue Angels and former BA squadron members from that time period. Includes FULL and accurate stenciling!

This decal set was awarded some of the highest marks ever given a decal set by Windsock magazine. Only 23 sets still available. All jets are from the th FS, 4th FW. Only 27 sets still available. I mean no offense to the artist and after all, they designed and painted the artwork overnight at the last minutebut the tiger nose art looks like it was done by a none-too-talented nine year old!

In spite of the technical "deficiencies" of the nose art, it looks very cool, and it is impossible to miss this jet even in a large collection of models. The tiger artwork was different on each side, and we of course captured those differences. Alternate markings allow you to build the early "gray tail" "grey tail" for you Brits: Only 21 sets still available.

Tied for most popular Yellowhammer Decal ever, this set provides markings for six famous Zeros. Purportedly the aircraft he was flying when he was badly wounded at Guadalcanal, Sakai claimed three kills during that mission. Captured by Aborigines, Toyoshima was the first recorded Japanese captured by the Australians. This was a "presentation" aircraft with a long inscription aft of the fuselage hinomaru reading "Hokoku Dai Go, Dai 6 Obayashi-gumi Go," making this the th sponsored Zero and 6th sponsored by the huge Obayashi-gumi construction company which still exists today.

Shingo was famous for leading the fighter cover for the initial Japanese attacks on Clark Field in the Philippines on December 8th, Only 14 sets still available. Both aircraft wore field-applied camouflage, probably RAF Dark Green see the instructions for a much longer discussion on the colors.

The noses of these two kits are quite different and decal nose bands designed for one kit will not fit the other kit! Four killer schemes from the Marine contingent on Guadalcanal—produced from photos from the collections of the pilots involved! The Hawk 75A-7 flown by Sgt. Hawk 75A-8, CU, flown by Lt.

Hawk 75A-4, CUc, flown by Capt. Full stenciling for the F Sabre, including both sizes 24" and 36" of the yellow and black Korean War identification bands. This is a double sheet set!

Tiger meet kits or decals

FD VF with a huge and striking lion head on both sides of the nose — Afghanistan combat veteran. This was one of the most-requested schemes in our F survey!

1 32 tiger meet decals and stickers

Me A-1a, Yellow 3, 9. The first is PC, 69, Maj. This bird had the cowling trisected with the three squadron colors of blue, yellow, and red. Complete markings, including stencils, to cover one of seven famous Dauntlesses. This is one of the birds that flew in to Pearl soon after the attack. This bird, although it did not take off, was manned by a couple of Marine sergeants who fired the aft flexible.